Rhyme #2
Rhyme #2
🗓 Sep/27/2017
🏷️ Tags: [photography]
This set of photography is for the promotion of my magazine: Stay Magazine(《月台》杂志). We are launching a exclusive, limited T-shirt edition for the readers.
The models are Rhyme and Eric. Eric is the graphic / layout designer for the first and the second issue of Stay. He is also one of the three cofounders of Stay. Rhyme is Eric's girlfriend. She wrote the calligraphy on the cover of the first issue.
The T-shirt has two versions, light and dark, each featuring the typographic designed by Eric.
↑ This shot is my personal favorite: The ISO is 5000+ but it still delivers a crystal clear image.
All shots were taken with Fujifilm X-Pro 2 and XF35mm F2.