🔬 Find My Reviewers
A research project that utilizes machine learning, mainly topic modeling.
Head of the Project,
Chief Researcher and Developer
2016 - present, Shenzhen
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Find My Reviewers (FMR in short) is an open-source project that extracts topics from a piece of text using trained LDA models and tries to find best matching scholars from a pool of scholars.
Under the hood, it uses LDA models to extract topics and tries to find a set of best matches of reviewers.
The web app is built on top of flask and the LDA model is trained with gensim. With slight modification, you can also use other libraries to replace gensim and load your own trained LDA model.
Undergraduate Research Award, 2017
CNÂ¥ 7000 ($1200)
🚮 rm-protection
This little utility may save you file (life).
350+ ⭐️ on Github
2017, Shenzhen
Get started in 10 seconds!
A safe alternative for "rm".
Quick install: pip install rm-protection
rm-protection is a safe alternative for removing files. It works exactly the same as rm (in fact it passes arguments to rm almost untouched).
The only difference is that it refuses to proceed if a .*.rm-protection file is found and you failed to answer a question.
Quotes from Users
[...] my own experience tells me that I should install it as soon as possible [...]
⬛ Nosedive
A parody website, tribute to Black Mirror.
Full-stack Developer, Independent Researcher
2017, Shenzhen
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Calculating your rating... The odometer will tick as the calculation going on.
Your result.
On 17th Jan 2017, I submitted a post on Reddit's /r/blackmirror/ subreddit. The post is linked to a parody website I built in an afternoon: a website that reads user's Facebook profile and calculates a "rating" for the user.
The episode is set in a world where people can rate each other from one to five stars for every interaction they have, and where one's rating impact your entire life.
— Wikipedia
Under the hood, the algorithm that generates the "rating" is based on the idea of a social media rating system from Black Mirror S03E01 "Nosedive".
It mimics two major characteristics featured in the show to replicate the system in the show best. Therefore, the "rating" has two parts, and each implements one of the characteristics.
It attracts 151+ comments on Reddit and more than 2,000 people engaged in this website.
Quotes from Users
I actually got really nervous watching the numbers go up, wtf self
It started at 2.5-something, and I was like "WTF?!" Then it crawled up to 4.141, and I got 0.825 bonus points from my PRIME friends. I hate that my first thought was, "How do I get more PRIME friends??"
Same and had the same reaction as you. Let's just hope this episode doesn't become a reality. I can't live like that
...Isn't it weird that I actually felt a blip of validation from that?
1.877 The harsh reality of this conforms how people see me. I have only 0.356 from PRIME friends. I barely go on or engage in Social Media, but something about this score validates all of the social rejection in my life.
... and more on Reddit.
🌈 Color For Today
Designers, stop procrastinating because of not being able to pick a color palette.
Full-stack Developer
2017, Shenzhen
On a Friday night, my friend Eric told me that he sometimes had difficulty choosing which color palette to use in his designs.
And here is what comes out at that night: colorfor.today. It crawls curated color palette selections from Dribbble and randomly displays one of them.
💬 Qianjian 浅见
An experimental media that strives to promote in-depth reading and critical thinking among CUHK students.
Founder, Web Developer, iOS Developer
2014 - 2016, CUHK, Shenzhen
UX across platforms
Atelo (浅见) is an experimental media where CUHK students share their insights and works. By exchanging ideas, insights, and comments, the community brings the atmosphere of critical thinking back on stage.
Now, it means more than an indie-media, but also a democracy frontier for students to speak out their concerns and criticisms. In less than two years of development, Atelo (浅见) successfully reached 200,000 page views and 300+ articles, 400+ comments with only 312 students on the campus in the first year.
⌨️ 26to3 Keyboard
A hardware input kit made with Makey Makey for people with CP (Cerebral Palsy).
Hacker, Developer
2015, Shenzhen
Introduction to the local CP community (0:00 - 2:00) and our project (2:00).
Typing my name on with the first 9-key prototype.
A first 9-key version prototype.
26to3 Keyboard is designed to help CP patients use input much more efficiently.
Children learn best through play. But not all toys are created equal. For many children with special needs, such as those living with physical disabilities or learning challenges, playing with off-the-shelf toys and games is not always possible.
-CIDE, official document
Our concept is “26to3 Keyboard”, a tool that makes CP (Cerebral Palsy) kids comfortable with typing. “26to3 Keyboard” allows CP kids to input text using only three keys with high fault-tolerance.
-Eric, team member
Since we had limited materials, we utilized what we had on hand: Makey Makey. We wrote a program that can capture Makey Makey's signal and map multiple keystrokes into 26 letters.
First, we came up with a 9-key solution: we implemented a traditional T9 keyboard used in classic Nokia cellphones, but with huge buttons. However, after conducting user testings and interviews, we found that even 9-key was too complex for CP kids to operate. The main reason was that their arms cannot move with enough precision to press the 9-key keyboard.
Therefore, we further implement a 3-key solution: first, the kid chooses which row on the T9 keyboard they want to reach, then choose which specific key to press.
So, this is what we mean by "26to3": we reduced the complexity of a keyboard for the CP kids and made keyboard much more accessible.
📕 月台 Stay Magazine
A magazine with a soul.
Founder, Member of Editorial Board
Est. 2015
The second issue, released in Sept 2016.
The first issue, released in Nov 2015.
Stay Magazine is a magazine co-founded by Amie Ding, Eric Guo and me.
Every year, we find a special topic and dive deep into it, trying to bring insights to our fellow students. We also collect outstanding works from our fellow students. Together with our editing team, we are making this magazine truly CUHK-Original.
In the first issue, we focused on the theme "Timeline", reviving and reflecting the events that happened to the first batch of students.
In the second issue, we focused on the feminist issues in the contexts of Chinese society and the campus.
Both issues were highly celebrated by the readers. We sell thousands of copies each year, making the magazine completely self-sustainable. In addition, we regularly donate most of our net profits to a carefully selected charity.
Starting from the third issue, we — the founders' team of three — passed the mission of the Stay Magazine to the next cohort. We are excited to see what they have to offer.
Visit the homepage:
Stay 月台 - 浅见
《月台》是浅见与 CMA 合作出版的 CUHK(SZ) 学生独立杂志。《月台》编辑部于 2015 年成立,现总共推出两期杂志: 《月台》每期有特别策划和常规组稿两个部分。前者将围绕某个主题展开,后者主要包括品尚生活、文学等部分(详见《月台》结构)。 对于特别策划,《月台》编辑部会在某个时刻公布下期的主题,届时我们将通过邮件、推送等方式公布稿件的主题和具体需求, 请保证您能够受到浅见的新闻组邮件 。对于常规组稿,我们将采取上述的两项投稿方式,主题不限。 请邮寄稿件至 [email protected]。 亦可直接在浅见上发布文章。《月台》每期都会在浅见上甄选优秀的文章刊登。 请发送邮件至 [email protected]。
Vol. 1, 2015:
Vol. 2, 2016: