On Fujifilm X-Pro 2
— and thoughts on photography
On Fujifilm X-Pro 2
🗓 Aug/06/2017
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Fujifilm X-Pro 2 is stunning.
True, it is a APS-C camera whose price is slightly higher than Sony A7RII. True, it does not focus as fast as Sony cameras.
But it is a camera with soul.
Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying it has some magic that immediately turns you into a great photographer. I'm saying, it has its own characteristics and it "decides" if it suits you.
So here is my story.
My Story
I had been a Canon user since I was 15 when I got my first DSLR. It was a 600D with a 18-55mm kit lens.
At that time, I was just shooting stuff randomly, or recording my life like everyone else did with their iPhones. Because the lack of mobility and convenience, my DSLR can't even beat cell phones from this perspective.
I used to care about functionality a lot. I thought the reason why I cannot produce satisfying photography is because I had a camera with two zeros and a stupid 18-55mm kit lens. As I grew up and got exposed to more artworks, I gradually realize it was not true. Obviously what makes a photo great is not the equipment, but I learned this three years later.
Then I started to put some thoughts in composition, sentiment and context when shooting photos. I bought a new 760D before I went to Australia for WWOOFing, during which I produced two of my most popular photos on Unsplash.
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My 760D got stolen a year ago. It was quite a financial loss, and the worst part was my beloved Sigma 17-50mm and Canon 50mm got stolen as well.
I had nothing left. However, it also means I'm no longer locked in the Canon's ecosystem. I can start brand new.
And frankly speaking, I'm tired of Canon and DSLRs.
Why X-Pro 2
DSLRs are great for professional uses, they have high-speed focus systems, longer battery life and all the professional accessories you can possibly think of.
But they are big, cumbersome and boring. A huge part of my photography is to record precious moments. A big camera can ruin all the opportunities for capturing these moments.
Another essential part of my photography is street photography. Again, using a big camera can be too aggressive on the street.
Therefore, I want a smaller, less boring camera.
#1 X-Pro 2 is Compact
X-Pro 2 is perfect for street photography. X-Pro 2 is compact and it works best with smaller lens. My X-Pro 2 comes with a 35mm F2. It is actually the smallest lens I've ever owned.
I felt much more comfortable when shooting photos in public spaces because It is low profile and modest. There were moments I wanted to capture but I was too afraid to disturb the people.
Now I take X-Pro 2 with me everyday.
#2 X-Pro 2 is a RF camera
Using a RF camera means you have to take a different approach to the composition.
When in OVF mode, you get the widest view possible. Your actual capture area appears as a box in the view finder thanks to Fujifilm's hybrid view finder technology.
This feature opens up a new world for me. Instead of looking at a WYSIWYG view finder like a DSLR's or mirrorless camera, X-Pro 2 allows me to explore other possible compositions without leaving the view finder.
The feeling is ineffable. You will understand it once you get your hands on it.
Took near HSBC Business School of PKU. SOOC with builtin ACROS film simulation.
X-T2 is often compared with X-Pro 2. But they are not comparable as they are totally two different animals, designed to fit disparate needs.
#3 ACROS Film Simulation
ACROS is a special film simulation mode only available on X-Trans CMOS III with X-Processor Pro and up. I'm not interested in how "exclusive" it is, but it indeed is the best B&W simulation I've seen.
ACROS is perfect for people like me: I'm pretty lazy and I rarely post-process my photos. I care about the originality of photos. ACROS gives me all the convenience and the best quality.
X-Pro 2 is probably the best purchase decision for me in recent years. The built, the feel the mechanical shutter, the soul inside the camera, all aspire me to take the camera, look into the view finder and start shooting.
It's not perfect, in fact, it only suits a fraction of the niche market.
But if you are a person like me, go get one.
A few reviews I read before I made my decision: